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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A conversation with Cory Aquino

Corazon "Cory" Aquino is the antithesis of the typical Philippine traditional politician commonly referred to as Trapo (dishrag in Tagalog) who is weaned on "guns, goons, and gold". Ferdinand Marcos embodied this type of macho politics which does not hesitate to summon the dark arts of intimidation and violence in order to reach a desired political outcome. Even Aquino's rise to power was atypical. As she stood on a makeshift platform during her first speech on EDSA, the first thing that came to her mind was "in the history of the world, this is the first time civilians have been asked to defend the military." She became president through the People Power revolution that unfolded during those four historical days in February 1986.

Aquino shall be remembered as the unifying figure that led to the downfall of a dictator without a single bullet being fired. She will also be memorialized in Philippine history as someone who not only restored democracy but also as someone who did not succumb to the temptation of extending her presidential term.

This Pinoy Post podcast is a candid conversation with President Aquino where she gives her impressions of the first People Power revolution. She talks extensively on her current passion and involvement with microfinance, where poor people are given access to capital and financial services. She also dwells on her family, her memories of life in exile in Boston, and the future.

She continues to work on the expanded principles of People Power where peaceful political change is transcended by empowerment through hardwork and nation-building.

This podcast is a 3-part conversation.

Part 1 of the conversation covers President Aquino's impressions on the first EDSA People Power revolution. She talks about how the revolution began and how she was offered refuge in a Carmelite monastery in Cebu. She recounts her decision to fly back to Manila against the advice of people around her. She talked about her first speech on EDSA and her impressions on what People Power now means to her.
To listen to Part 1 of the conversation, click this link: Episode004A (15 minutes)

Part 2 of the conversation covers her involvement with Philippine microfinance through ASA Philippines. Microfinance has been touted as one of the key drivers of poverty alleviation since it provides capital and access to financial services to poor people. She has convened a group of bankers, microfinance practitioners, economists and experts with the goal of finding ways to expand and improve microfinance in the country. She also recounts several anecdotes and conversations she has had with micro-entrepreneurs all over the Philippines.
To listen to Part 2 of the conversation, click this link: Episode004B (36 minutes)

Part 3 of the conversation is a peek into her private life, her first impressions of the States as a 13 year old and her life in exile with her family in Boston. She talks about her grandchildren and her daugher, Kris Aquino among other things.
To listen to Part 3 of the conversation, click this link: Episode004C (23 minutes)

Pinoy Post would like to thank Ari Dy, S.J. for his help in making this interview with President Aquino happen. He is the other voice that you will hear on the podcast.

Cory Aquino was awarded last November as one of Time Magazine's Asian Heroes.

If you're interested in donating money for Cory Aquino's microfinance initiative, please visit Ayala Foundation - USA. Please remember to mention that the donation is for ASA Philippines.


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Blogger livingplanet said...

great interview! congrats. you got something good going on here...

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